Your Raspberry Pi as a game developer server
Player Controls Tutorial

Action-Adventure Player Controls

The right player controls are key for your game. We'll introduce you player controls used in action-adventure games.
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Crystals of Equilibria

Crystals play an important role in Kordex: Humanity has learned to use its power and lives in harmony with the energy.

Environment design in 8 steps

How we design our environment for Kordex in 8 steps
Property Drawers Thumbnail

Custom Property Drawers

Design your own GUI to modify Unity's inspector
Create a main Character from Scratch
Scrum - agile software development

Scrum - a short overview

A short story about Scrum and the implementation into our daily routine
how to - creating a new world

How to: Creating a new world

Learn, how we've designed the universe of Kordex
Your Raspberry Pi as a game developer server

Your Raspberry Pi as a game development server

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